The African American Family Institute (AAFI) is designed to create empowered, well balanced, and self-sustaining family institutions. Our mission is to protect and safeguard our children through building self-sustaining family institutions who lead and participate, in the transformation and innovation within their local community.  

We are a community-based organization designed to restore stability and focus to the African American family. The AAFI will act as a place for information, resource, and collaboration hub for the local community members.

Community members will receive training in the following areas:

  1. Family Constructs – Family roles, responsibilities, unity,
  2. Forgiveness,
  3. Rededication (The Communication Pack) (Healing Stage)
  4. Commit to God and Family (Healing Stage).

Secondly, each family will be equipped with the tools necessary for success and finally they will be afforded the opportunity to collaborate with others. 


Dr. Kennedy E. Jacobs Sr., D.Min, CEO

Rev. Dr. Kennedy Jacobs Sr. is an international speaker, preacher, songwriter, educator who have touch lives all over the world.  His passion for family renewal and transformation has led him to pronounce a call to the nations as well as his local community, “FAMILY STRONG”.  His work as a professional chaplain, ordained Pastor, youth, and family advocate, has help to equip him for this ministry endeavor.

Graduating from Bethune-Cookman college in 1996 after serving a 3 year term in the U.S. army with an honorable discharge, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion & Philosophy, Later in 2013, Rev. Kennedy Jacobs Sr., received his M.Div. from Howard University in Washington D.C., he continued his education by receiving ACPE Training as a Resident Chaplain at Georgetown University Hospital from 2013 to 2014, completing five units of clinical care and patient contact, and since then he has served as a Hospice Chaplain in his local community.  Dr. Jacobs recently completed his journey at Regent University of Virginia Beach, VA, where he received a Doctor of Ministry May of 2022. 

The need to see family sustainability in our world today is an urgent matter according to Dr. Jacobs.  Families are in crisis, and often these families have unresolved issues of grief, estrangement, and abandonment.  Rev. Dr. Kennedy Jacobs Sr., has a strong belief that biblical teaching and understanding, along with practical application can produce sustainable and stronger families moving forward. 

Changing family dynamics through a biblical foundation is the key ingredient to community transformation according to Dr. Jacobs.